Get your B1 SELT for your UK Health and Care Worker visa application with Skills for English: SELT 


To work in the UK, you may need proof of knowledge of English as part of your visa application.

You can get it with B1 level Skills for English: SELT

Skills for English is a Secure English Language Test (SELT), approved by the UK Home Office for Visa and Immigration purposes, that can be taken outside of the UK. 



"As a health and care worker recruitment organisation, our candidates have testified that Skills for English: SELT is a professionally managed exam free of human bias".



Approved for UKVI

Skills for English is one of only 4 SELT tests that can be taken outside of the UK


130+ countries

Easily find an available session in a global network of Home Office-approved  test centres 


Fast results

The test results are usually available within 3-5 days

Get B1 in English with  Skills for English: SELT 

Prepare for the test

Get to know the test format and take a practice test

Book your test

Find a test centre near you and book a session
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